Would You Swap Out Your Coffee For Neck Zaps?

I think.... I like..... this idea? I'd probably still have my daily coffees but a quick zap to the neck doesn't sound all that bad!

Especially if it can increase my energy for up to 19 hours! Experts in the U.S have been studying ways to boost peoples energy, focus and multitasking abilities and have found a very unique way to accomplish this.

"According to device designer gammaCore, their vagal nerve stimulator delivers a mild shock, felt as a deep vibration in the neck and slight muscle contractions."
"The vagus nerve — which is the longest in the autonomic nervous system — passes signals between the brain, digestive system and other organs. It has been linked to both mood and wellbeing, and electrical stimulation of the nerve has previously been shown to improve both memory and learning abilities."

Watch the video below and get all details HERE!