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Nine-Year-Old Snuck Out of House and Flew 1,700 Miles Without His Parents

Passenger plane fly up over take off runway from airport at sunset.

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A mom in Brazil woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning, and her nine-year-old son Emanuel was still sleeping in bed. 

But when she checked again at 7:30, he was GONE. So she freaked out. But don't worry, he wasn't kidnapped.

She called the cops, and they started looking for him. But they couldn't find him . . . because he was already more than a THOUSAND MILES AWAY. 

It turned out he'd snuck out of the house . . . made his way to a nearby AIRPORT . . . boarded a flight without being noticed . . . and flew to another city in Brazil almost 1,700 miles away.

His mom was panicked all day until an employee for the airline called around 10:00 P.M. and told her Emanuel was fine.

It turned out he wanted to visit some family members who lived across the country, and he'd been planning it.

He'd even googled the phrase, "how to get on an airplane unnoticed." Authorities are still trying to figure out how he managed it.

The airline flew him back to the airport he flew out of the next day. So he's back home now, but in a whole lot of trouble with Mom. 

(NY Post)

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