This Airline will cover Funeral Costs if you catch Covid-19 while Flying

Well I mean you gotta like their thinking at least.

Emirates Airlines is definitely winning customers over in a different way. By covering funeral costs for passengers that contract Covid-19 while flying.

The policy comes after the the airlines offered to foot travelers medical and hotel expenses to help recover coronavirus losses during reopening.

via NY Post
“We’re keeping you safe on the journey and giving you extra security wherever you are in the world,”touts the Dubai-based flight firm, adding that they’re the first airline to offer such a policy. In accordance, anyone who contracts COVID in transit is entitled to $1,765 for the burial through NEXtCARE, a subsidiary of travel insurance firm Allianz, reports Business Insider.
Even sick passengers who don’t pass away after traveling with the airline can receive up to $176,000 in expenses as well as $118 per day to cover quarantine accommodations for up to two weeks. Coverage, Emirates adds, is free and automatically applied sans any registration process.