Which is better: Morning or Evening Sex?

So obviously people like getting it on. But when it comes to what time of the day, it def differs from person to person.

According to the Huffington Post, experts break down sexy time, by day part. Take a look below.

Morning sex– Morning sex may be particularly good for men, since their testosterone levels are at their peak, since testosterone is produced during sleep. In addition, since feel-good things like endorphins and dopamine can be released during sex, it could put folks in a good mood at the start of the day. On the downside, people have a lot of responsibilities in the morning, like making breakfast, getting kids ready, and going to work that it can be hard to stay in the mood. It can also make folks want to go back to sleep, which isn’t a good thing first thing in the AM.
Evening Sex– Sex at night is likely the more common option, because it’s easier for people to relax once the commitments of the day are over, and they can slow down. Also, thanks to the release of prolactin and oxytocin, nighttime sex can make it easier for folks to relax and fall asleep. Of course, if a person’s day has left them exhausted or stressed, it certainly could turn someone off from sex before bed.
Afternoon delights– While this sounds like a perfect compromise, afternoon fun wasn’t always easy, thanks to folks being at work. But now that everyone’s working from home it is more of a possibility, although that’s as long as your kids aren’t doing remote learning at home.