Thousands at Oakland Coliseum received Wrong Dosage of Pfizer Vaccine

Well this is kinda scary. But according to state officials there is no need to panic.

Thousands of people who visited the Oakland Coliseum received the wrong dosages this week. The Pfizer doses in question were distributed on Monday before 2pm. The issue was identified and stopped by the evening.

Details below via KTVU
One EMT estimated that 4,300 people had been given the shots with too-little vaccine by then. A total of 6,000 people can be vaccinated at that site during the weekdays. 
State officials dispute the notion that anyone will be less protected by the smaller vaccine doses, although another infectious disease expert said there's not enough science to prove that yet. The claim comes at a time when people nationwide are clamoring to get vaccinated, and as shortages and confusion about making appointments and who is eligible, abound. 
The problem at the Coliseum site stems from the orange-capped syringes that were used -- and the amount of Pfizer vaccine that they can deliver.