Friend Live Tweets Craziness After Bride Finds Bridesmaid In Bed With Groom

The night before her wedding, the unthinkable happened to one bride - she caught her husband-to-be in bed. If that wasn't bad enough, he was sleeping with one of her bridesmaids... but that's just where the story begins. 

Her friend live tweeted what happened next and it is pretty crazy.


At this point, the drama was just getting started:


The story started going viral and people started asking questions, and the friend was kind enough to address it all in some follow-up tweets:


The story had a lot of people reacting and sending well wishes to the jilted bride, who seems to be pretty touched by it all.


And to bring about some good from a not-so-great experience, the bride is asking that people donate to their local shelters for domestic violence victims as well as LGBTQ youth shelters. 


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