Rising Star, Sabrina Carpenter, Bringing Us To Tears With New Song.


Sabrina Carpenter is one of pop’s most consistent and prolific artists. When she’s not lending her voice to club collaborations like Alan Walker's "On My Way", the 19-year-old is chipping away at Singular: Act II. We will got another piece of the puzzle on the night of May 2, when Sabrina dropped “Exhale.” Interestingly, many fans will already be familiar with the mid-tempo track. The pop star performed “Exhale” as an encore at shows of Singular Tour.

Sabrina Carpenter is definitely one of those artists that deserve much more air time. Her voice is amazing and she is overall beautiful. This song was so beautifully done, it will make you feel something. Whether you are a fan or not, everyone should hear her music.

What do you think of this new song? Are you ready for the next album???


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