Kids Television Show "Arthur" Features Gay Wedding


Animation plays a big part in both children's and adults' lives these days - just look at the popularity of online games, TV series such as Paddington, and recent box office hits such as Detective Pikachu.

So when long-running US cartoon series Arthur introduced its first gay wedding, it gained huge traction on social media.

In this episode, Arthur, an eight-year-old aardvark, attends his teacher's wedding, along with friends and other teachers, where they anticipate Mr Ratburn's marriage to Patty, a female rat.

The first surprise is that Patty is his sister, and the second, when he walks down the aisle, is that he's with his groom.

What are your thoughts? I think it is great that they did this! It does leave room for questions from kids and now the parents can help children understand.


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