Disney Picks New "Little Mermaid" and People Are Outraged

Halle Bailey Instagram

Disney has chosen their new actress for the upcoming remake of "The Little Mermaid"! However, this time, the actress playing Ariel is going to be African-American! I personally think this is a great thing! Disney is taking steps to changing the stereotype in cinema. Women of color deserve to tell stories just like anyone else. Same for African-American actors. People have been leaving Halle Bailey(New Ariel) racist comments all over social media. The original voice of Ariel, Jodie Benson, is all for having Halle Bailey be the next person to tell Ariels story.

“I think the most important thing is to tell the story,” Benson said at the pop culture convention, as seen in a video on Instagram posted by user part.of.my.disney.world.. “We have, as a family, raised our children and for ourselves that we don’t see anything that’s different on the outside. I think that the spirit of a character is what really matters. What you bring to the table in a character as far as their heart and their spirit is what really counts.”

Are you excited for the new Little Mermaid movie? Do you think that people are being ridiculous?



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