Everybody Is Talking About An Eight-Hour 50 Part Video On TikTok!

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Photo: Wachiwit / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

TikTok user ReesaTeesa has captivated the internet by telling her story of meeting and divorcing her ex-husband in a wild 50-part series.

It includes all the lies that he allegedly told her—and yes, it takes nearly 8 hours to watch her story from beginning to end but it’s getting hundreds of millions of views!

It’s basically TikTok’s newest reality series and it’s called “Who TF Did I Marry”.

She’s from Atlanta and it’s just her talking to the camera recounting experiences with her ex-husband in 10-minute increments while finishing her hair or driving to work.

Basically, she married a scam artist…kind of like the “Dear John” podcast, but with insane twists and turns. There’s a fake CEO, an impersonation of twin brothers, fake bank statements and more.

I’ve barely made a dent…but I’m alllll in! This needs to be a Netflix series!

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