HSSA Pet of the Week

Hi, I’m Nicholas!

I am a 4 year old boy how is looking for a fur-ever home. When I arrived at the HSSA I was sitting funny and favoring my right leg. After meeting the nice veterinarian they found out that I had a leg deformity that caused my kneecap to rotate inward while I was walking. I have been in the shelter for 5 months while I have gotten multiple surgeries but I am finally healed and ready to have a family of my own. I would prefer a house without a cat but would love to meet your current dog to make sure we’re a good match. I have been living in the shelter for far too long and am very anxious in my kennel. Please stop by HSSA Main Campus at 3450 S. Kelvin Blvd. to let me meet your family (including doggy meet and greet), or give an adoption counselor a call at 520-327-6088 ext. 173 for more information!

Lots of love,

Nicholas (838453)

Pet Of The Week


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