10 Excuses We Use To Get Out Of Dates

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Have you ever had to bail on a date when you realized the person SUCKED? A new survey found one in five people have done it. And we'll tolerate a bad date for 51 minutes before we ditch the person. 

People were also asked about bowing out ahead of time. 44% of us have done that. On average, we'll cancel 19 hours beforehand.

Here are the ten most common excuses we've used to get out of a date . . .

1. "I'm not feeling good."

2. "A family member is sick.

3. "I've got a work emergency."

4. "I have a headache."

5. "I forgot there's something important I have to do."

6. "I realized I'm not ready for a relationship."

7. "My car broke down."

8. "I have a deadline at work."

9. "A friend or family member showed up unannounced."

10. "I got stuck in traffic."

Here are a few that just missed the top ten: "My pet is sick" . . . "I forgot we were grabbing food and already ate" . . . "I can't find the place" . . . "You look like my SIBLING, and I can't get past it" (???) . . . and last but not least, "I got arrested."

The poll also found it only takes 25 minutes before we know if there's a "spark" or not. So on a first date, that initial half-hour is really important.

The top signs a date isn't going well are awkward conversations, and not laughing at each other's jokes.


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