@YAYAMARTINEZ: MY Favorite Moments From The Grammy's!

THIS moment took everyone by surprise, the legendary Tracy Chapman joined Luke Combs to perform her 1988 hit "Fast Car" and she sounds JUST as incredible as she did then. The surprise performance brought nearly the whole room to their feet, and there is a ton of respect to be had for Luke Combs to give her the credit she deserves for this hit, saying that his dad used to play this tape when he was a kid. GREAT moment!

GRANTED I really wanted Jellyroll to have his moment, he was gracious enough to tell his fans that Victoria Monet has been writing hits for so many years for EVERYone in the industry, and her New Artist win was well deserved. Even HE knew how much she deserved this as well! Also, it just makes me happy when artists are super emotional after a win because of the hard work they had to go through to get there!

Finally, of course this moment from one of hip-hop's greatest rappers of all time, Jay-Z was very controversial at the time of the speech, but he made a good point about his wife Beyonce being has the most Grammy wins of all time, yet she doesn't have a Grammy for album of the year. Some are upset that he used his time for this, because we all remember how Kanye was exiled for doing the same at the MTV VMA'S back in the day.

Either or, it was a moment!

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