It's HOCO season!

Mommy did WHAT to the dog???

I don't think dogs pop, Momma........

I hope this new TALKBACK trend never ends.

We need more Rich impressions, please.

Candace -> Police Officer -> Ms. Tempe -> Ms. Arizona... -> Ms. USA???

We'll find out tonight!


If this bit hooked, Taylor...

Taylor Swift has now infiltrated homecoming.

Erin's son's homecoming is even more special this year.

When I say HOT DOG! You say DIGGITY DOG!

The Clubhouse slaps.

Trisha and the HOCO Proposal

Trish's got a question about her son's homecoming proposal idea.

Payton is captaining the struggle bus today.

AND she got her hair cut!

Rich, I'm going to drink as much coffee as I want.

I don't care what you say!