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Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Brace Face (04/16/24 - FULL SHOW)

Interview: Donnell Rawlings

Friend of the show, comedian Donnell Rawlings dropped by and caught up with the TCR crew. It's been a minute! We're talking everything from Diddy parties to his orginal Netflix taping not seeing the light of day. If you're looking for a laugh, you've found it. Enjoy!

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Instagram/TikTok: @tinocochinoradio @donnellrawlings

Sweaty Sleep (04/15/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is SICK of his wife making him late, Serina fails at dating advice, Nicasio takes some heat about marriage, and Tino checks on Matt because of recent online hate...

Led-Based Lunchables (04/12/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener does NOT want to be a surrogate for her cousin, Tino talks happiness with Gary Vee, Nicasio pisses off a chef, Matt thinks it's perfectly normal to put your parents in "a home", and Serina weighs in on "things that men do to make women melt."

Caffeine Naps (04/11/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is thinking of postponing her wedding, Serina's REALLY upset about Rihanna's update about a new album, Nicasio endorses "respectful cheating", and Tino talks latino households and that ONE family member that has negative energy...

Must Be Mercury Retrograde! (04/10/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener isn't happy that his wife downloaded Snapchat, Ice Cube discusses Caitlin Clark with Tino, Serina talks Mercury Retrograde, Nicasio refuses to let his girlfriend use his phone, and Matt gets DESTROYED on IG...

Any Piece (04/09/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener wants his 8 and 10 year-old kids to pay for their own food, Matt has a gross in-flight habit, Tino preaches about the freedom to NOT have kids, and Serina reveals the 7 traits of couples who "make it"...

Interview: Ice Cube

The legend, friend of the show, Ice Cube sat down to chop it up with Tino about his Big 3 offer to Caitlin Clark, a new album, and even gave some awesome marriage advice for Tino & Chels! Enjoy!

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Instagram/TikTok: @tinocochinoradio @icecube

Cheryl Crow (04/08/24 - FULL SHOW)

Tino CAN'T BELIEVE today's "Listener Therapy" situation, Serina MASSIVELY over-values her home, Nicasio picks a DOOZY for Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Matt tries explain PTO (poorly)...

Don't Cross The Streams! (04/05/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is upset at his girlfriend for throwing her bra onstage, Tino bursts into a Baby Bash song, Matt's getting parent-shamed, Serina breaks down important dating boundaries, and Nicasio shares an allergy he definitely does NOT suffer from...